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Now through November 3rd!

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Check out this amazing feedback!:
“Thank you for organizing these wonderful short theater productions! They were fantastic! Great story lines, acting. Love them!”
“The past few nights of theater-going have been a pleasure.  The shows were so clever!”
“The plays have been really good; several laughs out loud and a few tears. It feels like I’m eavesdropping on private convos! I appreciate the brevity because, like many, I’m a little zoomed out.”
“Hope this is a successful venture. I want Theatre Nova to survive this pandemic!”
“Congratulations on such a wonderful series. We very much enjoyed the performances we were able to watch. So glad you did this!”
“FABULOUS creativity in these strange times.”
“We loved the series. The acting was excellent, and we enjoyed the variety of different shows and actors—what a great idea!”
“We really enjoyed the plays. What a creative way to stay involved in producing/acting and bring in some money to keep going!”
“I watched all 15 and some were more to my taste than others but the entire program was creative and well worth watching. It made me amazed to see what can be done with live acting and Zoom. I hope you had a large audience. I hope you do this again in the winter when we need the diversion.”
“Ticket and link and all worked smoothly for me, so I could just enjoy the plays, and I did exactly that. Thank you, thank you for making me laugh!”

Visit Theatre Nova’s website at https://www.theatrenova.org/ for more information.  Be a part of the FUN solution to keep the Theatre going in these tough times!