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Welcome to 404 West Huron

About 404 West HuronMeet the Tenant

Our 404 West Huron facility is home to one of our longest-running tenants! This facility is a mix of professional offices and warehouse space, all under one roof. Parking is available behind the building and is included in the base rent. With US-23/M-14 and I-94 just a few miles away, serving the metro Ann Arbor needs is quick and convenient. This facility is leased in its entirety, and the tenant pays utilities. In 2018, a video monitoring system will be installed for 24/7 surveillance to protect the tenants’ fleet of service vehicles and ensure compliance with our waste disposal requirements.

Indoor Comfort is a residential heating and cooling company that installs, repairs, and maintains HVAC equipment for Washtenaw County. Since 1951 Indoor Comfort has been faithfully serving the community with reliable service, honest business, and trustworthy technicians.

You want an easy to use heating and cooling system that is worry-free. One that always keeps a pleasant temperature in your home, no matter the weather outside. Indoor Comfort shares your priority. Our passion is providing you with the best quality, comfort and value for your investment in a new system. We uniquely specialize in replacing and adding onto existing home heating and cooling systems in Washtenaw county.

Many of your neighbors have been enjoying the comfort that we have been providing in their homes for over 65 years. You can enjoy this same guaranteed comfort, quality and service that you will only get from Indoor Comfort.

Our warranty is the best in the industry with 10 years on parts, 5 years on labor, our “No Lemon” free replacement warranty, and Bryant’s Factory Authorized Dealer guarantee. Rest assured that when we replace, repair or add new equipment to your system you will enjoy both a pleasant climate and excellent ongoing service.

Indoor Comfort is ready to help you by replacing, upgrading or repairing any part of your heating and cooling system (Furnace, Air conditioner, Heat pump, Water heater, Geothermal heat pump, Humidifier, Filtration and air quality equipment, Ductwork, Automatic thermostat, Programmable thermostat, Smart thermostat, Boiler and hydronics, Zoning system, Radiant heating, Oil burner furnace or boiler).